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Quality assured car parts, sourced from the world's best manufacturers...

Perpetual economic prosperity through innovative thinking

In an every changing world Nordic believe the only way to stay ahead is to think differently. It’s not enough today to just be a parts supplier which is why Nordic have invested 1000’s of hours in developing catalogues, systems and product ranges for today’s every changing requirements and sales channels.

Nordic have created what they believe to be, one of the most reactive and fluid development programs within the industry, this in turn enables Nordic clients to always have a leading edge within their market.

Purchasing is an art form

We can do this ourselves” is often said and Nordic's response to this is simple “So why haven’t you ?” Purchasing and Brand management is a huge, costly and complex function, almost all other industries outsource this element of the business and realise the benefits are sensational.

Nordic have developed a category management / pricing concept to run in conjunction with branded product, this ensures the highest level of margin can be achieved from all sales channels.

OE Manufacturers Principals

Nordic's intention was to create a concept and product program based on clear strategic principals:
  • A quality product program
  • Brand Management and Implementation
  • Market Evaluation / Analysis and development
  • Strategic product placement
  • Entry and Exit planning
  • Product / Brand control