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Ignition Coils

Nordic's comprehensive range of Ignition Coils includes all variations; can-type, distributor coils, ignition blocks, coil-on-plug type (direct ignition) and ignition coil pack systems.


  • Durability, impedance and spark energy meets or exceeds OE standards.
  • Ignition coils are tested according to ISO 13476 standard.
  • Internal magnet materials have been chosen during manufacture to achieve max voltage at all speeds.
  • Shorts are prevented during extreme operating conditions with a 200°C insulation coating separating the windings.
  • The bobbin has been engineered for long life under extreme high voltage conditions.
  • External casing is impact resistant and protects from heat transfer.
  • The quality of the epoxy insulation is increased by using a vacuum technique to reduce air bubbles.
  • Reduced sound interference is achieved with the addition of radio static noise suppressors.
  • Sound reducing material is fitted between the laminations.
  • All round reliability, manufactured to work with high load and at high temperatures.