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Quality assured car parts, sourced from the world's best manufacturers...

Unrivalled Assurance

Nordic are continually looking at ways to improve all elements of their offering. In 2010 Nordic created their unique partnership program, its aim was to select a series of tier 1 OE / OES manufacturers to develop a European product program to be strategically distributed through a variety of different platforms throughout Europe.

From the start the main focus has been based around QUALITY not only of the product but also to include the development of the ranges, brand management, cataloguing and aftercare.

The stringent requirements and on site evaluations conducted during Nordic's selection process of all manufacturers has provided the ability to apply a 3 year warranty from 2014.


Improving Quality as Standard

All products comply with the current European BER / matching quality requirements. Key requirements to become a Nordic supplier include:

  • All manufacturers are ISO/TS 16949 approved as a minimum standard, in addition most hold ISO 9001 and VDA 6.1
  • All hold OE supply contracts
  • All are REACH compliant
  • All relevant product must be able to meet our minimum 3 year warranty policy
  • All factories are approved to TUV/SGS governing body standards
  • Our long term aim is for all manufacturers to hold ISO 14001 environmental management certification


Can you afford to take the risk ?

Risk does not just come in the form of buying a sub standard component. Anyone can buy anything cheaper today, but the simple fact is if you don’t have the relevant extensive back up in place there are numerous areas that can lead to catastrophic results.

These are all elements Nordic have established and are essential before developing an alternative product program, if you don’t have these in place please consider the risks of what you are about to do !

  • It is essential to have a brand management / strategic product placement and pricing team in place.
  • A dedicated supply chain / analysis team to ensure the product programs are monitored and managed appropriately.
  • In house IP Strategists to deal with the ever increasing changes in European law and product Patents.
  • A category management team, to ensure that the program can be efficiently introduced alongside a branded offering but also ensure that new business and increased margin are won.
  • International purchasing offices to ensure the efficient development of the project and ensure above all, the quality of the product is stable and continually improved where possible.