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With many companies introducing sanitising products purely to profit from the global pandemic, Nordic strongly believe in providing access to these items that protect your staff members and in turn, your customers at an affordable price point. Our sanitisation products are one of the best value in the market and do not sacrifice quality over price.

Nordic Hand Sanitiser Gel

Nordic’s fantastic value, antibacterial hand sanitiser gel is a powerful alcohol-based hand sanitiser that protects against viruses and bacteria.

Containing 70% alcohol and dermatologically tested Nordic sanitiser will kill 99.9% of all bacteria in seconds without leaving a sticky residue behind and the compact 230ml bottle makes storage and application incredibly easy.

Safely sanitise with the latest quartz technology.


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With a 20,000 hour GUARANTEE which is double that of other manufacturer’s versions, the Nordic OZONE generator is more than 2,000 times more powerful than any traditional treatment, it significantly and safely reduces the risks of contamination and virus infection.*

The OZONE QUARTZ TECHNOLOGY generates ozone by transforming oxygen in the air from O2 to O3. This suppresses any type of harmful organism known in minutes*** with an additional benefit of a 40% energy saving cost against the CERAMIC versions and a MINIMAL running cost from as little as 15p per treatment.

In addition to the air in the treated environment, the OZONE deeply penetrates fabrics, ventilation channels and other unreachable surfaces, even reaching the most hidden corners. Quick and effortless, as well as being 100% ECOLOGICAL thanks to the NORDIC OZONE GENERATOR’S powerful diffuser.

* The NORDIC OZONE GENERATOR has been tested on the SARS virus with a kill rate of 99.22%. (SARS and COVID both belong to the same Coronavirus strain) ** Up to 70m2 or 750ft2 at normal room height *** The Ozone comes with a built-in timer ****Sources: Edelstein et al; 1982 / Joret et al; 1982 / Farooq & Akhlaque; 1983 / Harakeh & Butle; 1985 / Kawamuram et al; 1986

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